How does the The Retrieval Market “continuously optimize for maximum delivery speed and minimal bandwidth usage across distance, around power outage, overloaded servers, and hostile censorship”?


This was quoted in some of the token sale materials. What are the specific mechanisms by which the retrieval market accomplishes this?


I’m not a salesperson but at a high level if it is the case that:

  • it is easy for a miner to advertise which data they have to users and for users to find that mapping
  • it is easy for users to advertise which data they want and for miners to find that mapping
  • it is easy to attempt to transfer a piece of data from miner to user and to pay the miner for that transfer

then market forces can act to achieve the articulated goal. Miners should react to user demand by caching data that is in demand and pushing it close to users so they are more likely to get paid. We would expect to see the kind of market-driven optimization that is only possible with large number of independent miners acting to maximize profit and hard to do as a single entity, eg a company.