15/5000 Changes to the Filecoin storage path

Hi, I would like to ask whether the previous storage contents will be useless after changing the storage path of Filecoin? For example, if one of my storage hard disks is full and I change the storage path to another hard disk, will it affect Filecoin’s search and reward for previous storage files?

At present, a node must use a single path for storing client data (the “sector root”). If the configured path is changed to another, the node will no longer be able to prove storage of the original data, and hence be penalised. You can move the old data to a new, larger drive though, and resume proving.

This present architecture is only appropriate for relatively small nodes. We expect larger-scale miners to distribute storage over many machines. At present, that can be achieved by running multiple independent nodes, one per machine, but we will be doing work to better support more scalable architectures in the near future.

Old data moved to other larger drives? Do you mean duplicate it? Or the later official will issue a statement?

One more question. Does Filecoin currently support creating multiple wallets? Is the transfer function between wallets realized?


You can create a new address with go-filecoin address new and send funds to it (where <addrA> is a wallet you already, and <addrB> is the newly created address) with go-filecoin message send --from <addrA> --gas-price=<gprice> --gas-limit=<glimit> --value=<funds> <addrB>

Will multiple path be supported before mainnet launch?

We’ll be doing work to support larger scale miners, but it has yet to be designed so I can’t say right now whether supporting multiple sector root paths specifically will be part of the solution.