After 150 mil usd u still have a comand line non win10 based app for mining?

I just saw ur project in an Binance article today, me, who last year wanted to mine with 30 hdds, and went trough all file storage projects and quit them all as after years from their beginings they are still in this stage like you, with 90’s interface and bugs.
Please let us miners know when u will get this project into 2021 with a simple windows based app ready to mine in 5 min, like minergate for example. Do u imagine people with big investments in hdds or gpus will want to be ur testers?
I would be ashamed if i were u to present such a long guide in mining section after all the money u got.
Projects like this just make room for more competent projects and competition, which is always good.
After i read ur guide i imagine will take me like a week to make all runing hopefully. Which wont happen as i wont even try.
Because i think complaining should be done with solutions attached, here is my advice for ur project: make a damn one click app ready to go, as ur miners are the bones of this project. If u want only small miners with 10tb on average each, who have time to waste, yes its ok like this. If u want people like me (500tb) to really scale this project, just read again the previous sentence. I’ll check u out in 6 months.

Good luck.

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So true, you have to be an MIT engineer to get this thing running and then keep it running.