Am on the right track for Testnet, Lotus Daemon. c

Hi, Mate:

Is that anyone can help me to check, is my Sync is complete.

BTW, i have another issue, when i am run lotus daemon, My internet always get Crashed, my whole internet is down. then sometimes i will require to reboot my modem. is that any one knows what is the issue?

Thanks heaps.



As well, currently i have two hard driver in the system, Do i require to let lotus to know, where he can storage the data in my system? or its all automatic system decide.

Attached one more screenshot shows if i am in the right direction?

and i think i can not set up my wallet. please help.



Hi @klshe5,

You’re more likely to get a faster response in the fil-lotus channel on Filecoin Slack.

For additional drives, you can update your ~/.lotusstorage/config.toml similar to the instructions in

For syncing, you can compare the latest Tipset height at a block explorer like (there’s also but its already been switched to the upcoming interop testnet).

For the internet crashing issue, you could take a look at static ports perhaps although this is specifically for having an endpoint to receive storage deals. Let us know if your discover what the problem is.

Hi, Eshon,
Thanks for your reply , its very helpful, because i am new to filecoin, so lots of thing need to learn, let me follow these instructions as you have mentioned. Hopefully fix the issue. Thanks again for your reply.

Hi, Eshon:

could you please help me with this one, how to get the API info. Thanks again.

issue as per the attached.