Brainstorming storage helpers

The intent of go-filecoin is to handle operations at the detailed, protocol level. However, there’s an emerging body of functions that may be well-suited for libraries, separate from the go-filecoin node but generally reusable across a variety of storage use cases and implementations. They could include:

  • File ingestion + splitting: generally speaking, this prepares files for storage deals in dag-compatible way. recurse through folders. split files that are larger than selected filecoin sector size into chunks according to dag. et cetera.
  • Storage deal agent: primary job would be to monitor deals and renew as needed. could also select from miners with the best reputations, desired price range(s), desired geographical distribution.

If you plan to develop with filecoin storage, what other storage helpers or libraries are you interested in?

Someone on the IPFS Web team mentioned they’d also been looking at this, it handles resumable file uploads: