Buy Filecoin in the next days

I would like to buy filecoin.
Currently, what can I do?

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Hi @Luca.polverini,

The Filecoin token does not exist yet, as the Filecoin network has not launched yet. It will be launching later this year, you can keep track using this gantt chart:

In 2017, there was a SAFT Sale but that ended. You will only be able to buy Filecoin after mainnet launch, do not trust any offers before that.

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Thank you @eshon for your reply. I will wait. Meanwhile, I am asking if there is a way to acquire tokens from the elder ICOs and if these tokens count as Filecoins.

Hi Eshon, so the Filecoin we see being exchaned on Bitforex, LBANK,…are not real?
And what is up with so many differents paris, I mean: FIL, FIL6, FIL12, FIL36…all fakes?


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filecoin on these exchange like is futures, it means the elder icos sell futures;and fil6 means lock 6 months after mainnet lanch.

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As @bittree says, those are more likely futures created by some other entity.

Futures are NOT official Filecoin tokens and have nothing to do with the Filecoin Project.

With respect to “elder icos” I am not aware of any official way to purchase Filecoin-related financial instruments from 2017 sale SAFT agreement holders. Be extremely careful with derivative financial instruments that have nothing to do with the official Filecoin Project.

Right now the Filecoin token does not exist, it will not exist until mainnet launch.

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Official info for Investors can be found here:

Investor caution : During and after the Filecoin token sale, we have seen parties claiming to sell Filecoin SAFTs or tokens, as well as exchanges listing filecoin and filecoin derivatives. Remember that the filecoin token will not be live until network launch, and any exchange that lists Filecoin or IPFS tokens right now is likely fraudulent. We will announce on the Filecoin blog when the Filecoin network and token go live. Until then, we strongly recommend staying away from any exchange or entity who claims to be buying, selling, or trading Filecoin or IPFS SAFTS, tokens or derivatives.

Don’t buy until from the team appears here in this “forum” and answers a question and two.

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