Calibration net Miner address error
results in this error:

pushfunds: estimating gas used: message execution failed: exit SysErrInsufficientFunds(6), reason: failed to transfer funds (RetCode=6): transfer failed when deducting funds (8000 FIL): not enough funds (RetCode=6)

Why does that faucet link get redirected to ??? And there is no mkminer.

The site looks to be hacked or fake.

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Whoa, that is certainly different. Maybe they are making a requirement to have a github account as a way to prevent spammers taking all the tesnet FIL.
That would make sense, but I’d like to see it confirmed by someone here. As at the slack channel!

This is true, the new URL uses authentication against your GitHub account. This was part of the new calibration network reset recently

Hello stuberman,

Would you please help others by clarifying or providing more information regarding “uses authentication against your GitHub account”?

Currently, on the site, it shows “Connect to GitHub to begin” — how does one do that?
And after “logging in”, how does one go about creating a miner address?


Press the green “Start” button with GitHub logo and input your credentials. Then paste your t3… wallet address to receive 400 FIL.
Then create miner locally with lotus-miner init --owner=t3... --sector-size=32GiB

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