Can i run filecoin privately on 3-4 nodes and does it have a testnet?

HI everyone,
I want to make a cluster of private nodes which upload files among themselves
Will that require setting up testnet and spending test filecoins ?

Thanks for the question. You can get started running a private network here:

You can distribute FIL tokens among your nodes in the genesis block.

Thanks a lot for this

Hola, ¿cuanto se ganaria por minar filecoin con 16 terabytes al mes? (Traducido a dollares)

Hey Isvara this looks like a new question, please open up a new thread and we’ll answer there.

I’m not good at spanish so here is a google translation:

Hola Isvara, esto parece una nueva pregunta, abre un nuevo hilo y responderemos allí.