Can the seal-worker computer be connected to multiple storage workers?

Can a computer running the lotus-seal-worker process connect to multiple storage-worker-computers running the lotus-storage-miner so that the storage-workers know and can send sectors to the seal-worker computer for certain sealing processes?

Basically, multple storage-miners sharing a dedicated seal-worker computer…

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Hi @Mstry,

Currently Lotus seal workers only seem to support 1 miner address. Try asking in #fil-lotus in Filecoin Slack and explain why with your hardware and machines you think this may be more optimal.

Thank you eshon. I have applied for the Slack workplace.

Essentially, I am seeing the GPU and many CPU cores in the seal-worker server idling most of the time for each miner. I think it would be more efficient if the seal-worker can accept and handle (smartly) the workload/requests from multiple storage-miners.

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This. 100%. We should be able to pool resources better between:
Full nodes
Mining nodes
Sealing nodes (Precommit phase I)
Sealing nodes (PC II and Commit phases)

Thank you callmestu.

It is good to know the features will be possible.

And I think people will appreciate that when the smart resource pooling becomes available, there will be detail instructions and documentation on the various parameters people can use in the miner & sealer’s configuration files to adjust/optimize how the pooling is to be done for their environments.