Can "$TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/" be shared among lotus-daemon and lotus-miner nodes?

Does anyone know the answers to the following questions?

  1. How often is the data (the files) in $TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/ (e.g. /var/tmp/filecoin-proof-parameters/) updated? Or are they static and downloaded only once at the initial fresh daemon start up?

  2. Can the directory $TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/ be shared among miner nodes? I.e. The node running “lotus daemon” exports $TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/ through NFS, and miner nodes mount it under $TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/ locally?

  3. If sharing “$TMPDIR/filecoin-proof-parameters/” is allowed, but NFS access is too slow. Can the directory be synced (periodically) from the lotus-daemon node to the minder nodes? I.e. using rsync to updates the files from the lotus-daemon node to the miner-nodes, without causing problems to the production miner nodes?


  1. The proof parameters will change with every new version of proofs. There is expected to only be one new version of proofs before mainnet launch. A lotus daemon must have all verifying keys ‘.vk’. The miner must have access to the parameters files '.params’ for its configured sector size. They will therefore only be downloaded once per filecoin proof version.

  2. The directory can be shared among any number of lotus daemon process or lotus miners. The directory can also be mounted read-only as long as the correct parameters file provided prior to the startup for the lotus daemon or any miner which will be using it.

  3. I think the previous to answer will cover this, as it should only be required to sync the files between nodes once per proof version, or in the addition of a new miner with different sector sizes.

Thank you very much for the information, travis!