Cannot create miner in Testnet

When running “Create Miner” from the faucet page I get:
Miner address must use BLS
Here’s the address generated with “lotus wallet new” command

I got the wallet filled with some funds, chain is synced.

lotus version 0.2.7+gite7a1be4d

This is still an issue btw.

I am trying to create a miner in Testnet from here:

A week or two ago I was able to create a miner no problem however the wallet address generated back then was different I believe this change needs to be updated accordingly in the above URI.

Sending funds works without any issue and I am able to transfer coins from one wallet to another as well.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

To create a valid BLS address, use “lotus wallet new bls”. The default “lotus wallet new” produces an address based on secp256k1.

BLS addresses will start with “t3”.

All good now. Thanks!