Cannot get miner port to be open

Hello everyone! I just set up the Lotus suite and a miner and I’m stuck at the last step : Do not proceed from here until you have verified that your miner not only is running, but also reachable on its public IP address. This is the very last step starting to mine so it’s a bit furstrating :smile:

I have Lotus and lotus-miner running and synced (I guess from everything printed in the consoles). But when I’m testing if my port is open on (link from the official Filecoin doc), it says that my port is closed (6665, see config file below).

The problem might be linked to the fact that the doc speaks about the config file “~/.lotusminer/config.toml” but I only have “~/.lotus/config.toml”. The top of my “~/.lotus/config.toml” file looks like this (with hidden ip) :

ListenAddress = "/ip4/"
RemoteListenAddress = ""
Timeout = "30s"
ListenAddresses = ["/ip4/"] # choose a fixed port
AnnounceAddresses = ["/ip4/???.???.???.???/tcp/6665"] # important!
NoAnnounceAddresses = []
ConnMgrLow = 150
ConnMgrHigh = 180
ConnMgrGrace = "20s"

What am I doing wrong ? Do you know any other place where I could ask this question (I couldn’t find any Telegram or discord) ?

Thanks in advance!