Can't connect to file coin daemon from localhost

hi there.
iam running ubuntu 18 with static internet IP
Problem LOG is:
lotus net id
ERROR: websocket: bad handshake

here the filecoin daemon LOG:
{“level”:“warn”,“ts”:“2020-10-16T19:47:45.475+0200”,“logger”:“auth”,“caller”:“auth/handler.go:39”,“msg”:“JWT Verification failed (originating from JWT Verification failed: jwt: HMAC verification failed”}

loopback network is up.
the file coin daemon is running here the LOG:

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2020-10-16T19:44:13.524+0200”,“logger”:“hello”,“caller”:“hello/hello.go:180”,“msg”:“time offset”,“offset”:0.000811108,“peerid”:“12D3KooWHSy8EyuN1CkHWfwVAhA3RvxLCWvdmX2gkubtDp2UPjif”}

Telnet output:
telnet 1234


Connected to

Escape character is ‘^]’.

some tips… thanks