Clarification from community members - Filecoin vs. Skycoin


I’m new to the forum, as well as the community. I have stumbled upon FIL and IPFS pretty much by accident. I immediately found the idea intriguing and have since been considering investing my time into looking into research and possibly, development. I have some university-level mathematical as well as development background.

Nevertheless, for the purpose of my question, let’s assume I’m an end-user with no in-depth knowledge of how it all works under the hood.

So after reading on the topic of IPFS and DSNs in general, I naturally continued googling for solutions taking the decentralisation concept even further - and discovered SkyCoin.

I’m sure most of you already heard about it, so my question is simply this:

What’s the mutual positioning of these two projects? Is it a potential competition or a prospective collaboration (as in - can we utilise IPFS and Filecoin on a network run by SkyWire, or is preserving today’s network, i.e. the traditional client -> ISP -> … -> backbone architecture, a necessary condition for this to work?)

The only thing I was able to find is a blog post from SkyCoin itself (source), where they basically claim what they’re trying to do is superior to the Filecoin project, which I’m trying to take with a grain of salt.

I think a thorough explanation of “Filecoin vs. Skycoin” would be beneficial for potential adopters as well as interested observers out there. Any thoughts and resources would be very welcome!

As a side question, how would something like SpaceX’s planned Starlink affect the development/usage of FIL/IPFS?

Many thanks to everybody able to answer!