Current Status?

So how are things going? I can’t help but notice:

I was curious because I tried to run it:

  • Running git master errors out on the genesis block.
  • Running git tag 0.5.7 seems to work … its still syncing 24 hours later. It spews an awful lot of messages, which I guess should be considered to be normal at this stage of development. Still, to see these during initial sync is … surprising.
  • syncing seems to be using the same set of 8 peers for the last 18 hours, with an occasional odd-man-out. I would have thought, for load balancing, that more peers would have gotten involved.
  • syncing is slow: one block per 1-2 seconds. CPU usage is 50% - network usage is 3KB/sec - I seem to be mostly stalled, waiting on peers. So not very healthy.

So I was just wondering about the general status of things. Like what’s going on, and all that.

– Linas

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Maybe its a netsplit? Yesterday, during syncing, it was stuck at block height 38662 for about 12 hours. This morning, the height went down! to 23132 … which is surprising, one expects the height to go up not down.

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Hi linas,

The Riot link is working for me and we updated the Slack invite link a while back. Let us know if you still have problems.

The engineering teams are busy working on the implementations. 14d ago I believe there was still a >51% attacker on the go-filecoin Devnet because of an incomplete implementation which is unfortunate for the community trying out mining.

You are also welcome to try lotus which is a new lightweight, experimental implementation. It currently has a more stable Devnet.

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Hi, if I click on right now, I get an error message: “Your riot is misconfigured Invalid homeserver discovery response”.

The 51% attack seems to have left a trace on my machine: swarm peers shows only one peer, and my block height is 23307 which is ten times higher than what kittyhawk shows. I’ll clean up and restart.

Are you using the native client or the web client? The Matrix/Riot team will probably have a better idea of what’s going wrong here. Can ask questions here:

thanks @erland_sh I just clicked on the link using my browser, which happens to be mozilla this week. I don’t see how my asking questions on github is going to solve any problems when the error message clearly states that its a server misconfiguration. Whoever installed riot for filecoin mis-installed, misconfigured it. I mean – seriously – just click on the link. You too can see the error message. This is not rocket science. This is point-and-click.

The go-filecoin user devnet was reset a couple of days ago. It sounds like your node is still running the old code and hence can’t find many peers.

(You’re probably unaware of the reset due to your matrix troubles).

I was about to rebuild my mode and noticed that both the filecoin and lotus has been down for about 4 days. Any ETA on when it is coming back online? Also, what happened to make it go down? Please and thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Shane,

The go-filecoin team is very busy implementing Filecoin Spec protocol updates so won’t be able to support their community Devnet as much in the near term.

lotus will be resetting their Devnet later today.

thank you :slight_smile: