Data usage on nodes


New to data storage coins and was wondering if I started using filecoin and had a node with 100 GB’s of storage will it use 100 GB’s of data?
Or is there a compression algo that helps to minimize data usage?
As my internet provider has a 1TB cap and it’s a shame that they do that with broadband these days. I have no other options in my area for one that doesn’t have a cap.
So if anyone can tell me the amount of data filecoin could possibly use.
Have about 3TB’+ I was wanting to start with…

Thank you,
The green guy

You can configure the amount of storage space that your miner has committed to the network. After committing it and setting a price, that capacity may be fully consumed if clients accept your offer.

Compression and other data preprocessing are the client’s responsibility, and the storage node is not able to mess with the data without spoiling proofs.