Decentralized Content Platform (looking to model)

I’m new to this form, and not a programer myself. As a creator I’m concerned that bigtech has a monopoly on speech. I recently found Filecoin in my search for a web 3.0 solution to these large platforms.

My purpose here is to connect and discuss with likeminded individuals. I’m looking to model a solution with a goal of disrupting large platforms.

I see the value add of large platform’s = >standardized content formats > storage of content > user ship network effects

I believe many content creators and consumers are looking for an alternative. Currently the best a content creator can hope for, is their own website. (Call it a wordpress site), privately hosted video and text on that site. Then they must rely on google SEO to help their content be found. Downside is users seeking content must now scan endless sites, all using differences in format. Thus slowing the process of content discovery.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. Solves this problem by placing all the content in one place in the same format. Usership and adoption then creates an exponent to the network effect.

How could Filecoin be used by content creators and consumers to side step these platforms. Giving full power to the creators and users with no need for a platform intermediately party?