Dell r610 server for filecoin

hello. i new to hdd mining and storage. so my question or i can use for filecoin dell r610, my best friend soon upgrade server and give me for free 10x dell r610 with 600tb storage and rack, just need to configure for my own using if i need or him will sell for very low price on ebay.

also any one can recommended some server case if dell r610 not working for file coin? looking something like 4-6x hdd not need more as rack i will take from friend is fit 30x dell r610 in rack or depend of server size

any one cant answer it works or not?

I think my company can help you

You can’t use these servers for doing the whole sealing process anyhow effectively. PreCommit1 phase require SHA-extensions support, and this in turn means that you need a modern AMD CPU starting with something like Ryzen 7 3700X. BTW you also need a powerful GPU for PreCommit2 and Commit2 phases. GTX1080Ti or better RTX 2080Ti.

how you cant? even you know what power have servers? i get today r720 2x amd cpu 16core 40treath, 198gb ram can replace to 768gb,24tb hdd,with nvidia 1060 posible upgrade to 2080. second i see just now member in forum prepare 100x r730 server with one are more powerful on double speed cpu and 2x gpu

config from filecoin compare to server:

  • An 8+ core CPU - server 2x 8,10,12,16 core
  • A NVIDIA-manufactured GPU chip (to be expanded on) - server nvidia 1060,1080,2080 1x,2x,3,x,4x
  • A dedicated SSD to act as a large cache store (512GB+) - server 2x ssd from 512gb to 4tb etch cpu up to 4tb cache store
  • A large amount of RAM for computing data replication (128GB+) - server from 128gb to 768gb
    plus boot selectable options extra ssd or factory boot from memory stick,sd card.

im curious with ryzer cpu with model mobo you will use to add 128gb or more ram? his config have only servers i dont see any pc mobo store over 100gb ram or even 768gb.

Yes, Ryzen 7 (and Ryzen 9 AFAIK) support 128 GB as maximum. Even if motherboard officially supports less. I use ASUS PRIME X370-PRO with 4x32 GB G.Skill modules. You can choose some modern Threadripper to have up to 256 GB onboard, and EPYC to have even more. Clock matters more that cores quantity.

Again, PreCommit1 phase of sealing process require SHA-extensions support, and this in turn means that you need a modern AMD CPU since there is no Intel CPU supporting these extensions. So Intel CPUs probably will be able to do PreCommit1, but way, way slower. It looks that it will be unacceptably slower. PreCommit1 should take several hours, but with Intel it will probably take several days.