DevGrants Wave 2 Q&A

Hi Pooja!
Are there any language requirements (or preference/ideal) for wave 2 RFPs?

(e.g. Filecoin wallet RFP mentions “written in a mainstream language to ensure wider adoption…”). Specifically curious whether GoLang is acceptable.

Same question for Consensus Visualization Tool.


Hi @gskerry,

GoLang is fine!

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Also the deadline for proposal submissions has been extended to January 15th.

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Hi @eshon. We are interested to work on the “RFP: Consensus Visualization Tool” .
This is the best channel to do some questions?

Hello @eshon. I am Allen from HashQuark, which is a new generation Proof-of-Stake pool focused on POS , DPOS and other public chains providing secure, transparent and efficient staking services.

We are interested in the “RFP: Consensus Visualization Tool”. I believe there will be good cooperation between us.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @AllenZhang you are welcome to apply for this RFP or propose your own. We will be posting some additional RFPs in the coming days.