DevGrants Wave 2 Q&A

Hi Pooja!
Are there any language requirements (or preference/ideal) for wave 2 RFPs?

(e.g. Filecoin wallet RFP mentions “written in a mainstream language to ensure wider adoption…”). Specifically curious whether GoLang is acceptable.

Same question for Consensus Visualization Tool.


Hi @gskerry,

GoLang is fine!

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Also the deadline for proposal submissions has been extended to January 15th.

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Hi @eshon. We are interested to work on the “RFP: Consensus Visualization Tool” .
This is the best channel to do some questions?

Hello @eshon. I am Allen from HashQuark, which is a new generation Proof-of-Stake pool focused on POS , DPOS and other public chains providing secure, transparent and efficient staking services.

We are interested in the “RFP: Consensus Visualization Tool”. I believe there will be good cooperation between us.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @AllenZhang you are welcome to apply for this RFP or propose your own. We will be posting some additional RFPs in the coming days.

Hi @eshon @pooja. Wanted to check on the status of wave2 RFPs. Are there any that you are still looking for proposals?

Hi @gskerry we will publish some more RFPs soon but generally:

  1. Storage helpers will likely be an ongoing RFP:
  • for people very familiar with storage layers and filesystems and interesting exploring integrations with Filecoin,
  • or you could explore libraries to support storage clients like helping users estimate how much redundancy they will need using techniques like erasure coding
  • there is also no data encryption by default in the Filecoin protocol, its something storage clients can implement. Where to put encryption in IPFS is an interesting question and different solutions are possible. Here’s a deck Juan made in November about the data structures in Filecoin
  • we’re looking for interesting real-world storage use cases in general
  1. Other protocol research topics:
  • VM research will be upcoming RFPs - verifiable subsets of WASM-able languages, improving the execution of VMs on chain and space-saving enhancements to state tries, etc.
  • improving SNARKs like groth construction improvements
  • a framework for GPU outsourcing of SNARKs in Filecoin
  1. Blockchain developer tools
  • e.g. SDKs in other languages apart from JS
  • gas station - tool for analyzing gas although it would be better to wait until gas costs are finalized in the protocol but this could be useful to developers in the future
  • one of the lotus devs created a chainwatch postgres database of chain data that is available in the lotus repo - many interesting applications can also be built on that
  • there’s a local devnet script here as well as the Pond UI in the lotus repo (it may not be current). Improving on these in the way Ethereum’s testrpc did and Ganache does for new developers could be helpful.

Lots of cool ideas are possible as an Open Dev Grant!

Thanks Eshon!
To confirm, you all are set for RSA-Vector commitments RFP?

@gskerry - Yes that one is not a priority right now.