Didn't receive tokens from the testnet faucet

Using the testnet faucet here: https://faucet.testnet.filecoin.io/funds.html
I tried to transfer funds to my wallet but I didn’t receive anything. What am I missing ?

$ lotus wallet new bls

$ lotus wallet balance t3xai42l4bj5kbvccgejzov6yxvojx7uhhk7tjjkvqrc2jdpt4rq7zgafz34ydaej52ankab5tzunvekv6zoqa

$ lotus net peers | wc -l

Hi @stardust,

Your node needs to fully sync for it to recognize the faucet transaction in your wallet. So check lotus sync status

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Thanks @eshon !
Each time I run $ lotus deamon It takes forever to sync. Wondering if its verifying the entire blockchain again. If yes then why can’t it start from the last known verified block ?
What’s a faster way to get tokens from the testnet faucet in my wallet ? Any light-weight client ?
My end goal is to deploy and test some smart contracts.