Faucet doesn't working

https://spacerace.faucet.glif.io/ - when try to check wallet balance - got error 503 and if try to request FILs it waiting for a while with “confirming transaction” message and after it i got network error message.
https://faucet.glif.io/ - just error 502

Any other ways to get initial FILs to init miner?!

Become a little better, now its checking balance, but when trying to request - error 500

Thank you. Its working now.

I’m also stuck on “Confirming” phase. How long could it take?

Its looks like it have global problem again, last time i wait for about 2 days.
If you are new - you can fill form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfOGA5JLCohZj3RtCvEm1B--XmGScVUfpvEwGaknNwBBt3MQA/viewform

@creaz Thank you! So you just tried multiple times throughout the 2 days to send transaction from faucet?

Yes, last time they rebuild it and start, but not sure that this time they start it again, cause 15 october will be mainnet launch with real FIL