Filecoin on Private IPFS Network

Hi Team,

I am new to Filecoin.
If we have a private IPFS network, is it possible to deploy Filecoin on top of it and enable Tokenization on the same?

Hi @srikanthkaja31,

  1. Filecoin nodes are IPFS nodes, Filecoin doesn’t need to be deployed on top of IPFS. The features of IPFS will eventually be available on Filecoin but will also include built-in incentives and verifiable storage.

  2. Actual FIL tokens will be minted by the global public Filecoin blockchain. You could try to deploy a private network that would use separate tokens but that isn’t a supported use case yet for any Filecoin implementations right now.

  3. In the future after mainnet launch, user-defined smart contracts will be available in Filecoin. When they are you could potentially design specialized tokens for storage use cases or other features that enable private networks to interoperate and benefit from the verifiability of a public one (e.g sidechains, rollups, state channels, etc.)

On a private IPFS network you wouldn’t benefit from Filecoin’s storage proofs that verify storage of data and trust works differently.

Thank you for the explanation. Really helpful.
I understand Filecoin is built on IPFS, but my requirement is more on can we restrict the IPFS nodes to be within a private network (within an organization) and not be part of public network.
And then to have specialized tokens as part of the ecosystem.

Do you mean these features will be ready with the mainnet launch?