Gateio FIL6 For FIL Swap Completed, 13K FIL In Total Released

Gateio has finished today’s FIL release based on users’ FIL6 tokens holding. About 13K FIL in total has been released. You can view how many FIL you’ve received at My Billing Details page.

Following the FIL main net launch, a portion of FIL6 will be unlocked every day. Gateio will swap about 0.55% of FIL6 for FIL on a daily basis according to the FIL release scheme (we will increase the release rate according to onchain release conditions). During the time of swap, if a user’s FIL6 available balance is insufficient, the swap of that day will be skipped.

Gate has enabled Filecoin (FIL) spot trading, margin trading, perpetual contract trading, deposit, and withdrawal. We have also added support for FIL leveraged ETFs.