General ideas, decentralized media platform

good day
I have dreamed of such a project for a very long time, and you have made this dream a reality.
I am very inspired by your project.
Especially after the recent events when my YouTube account was deleted for no reason.
There was a lot of important information for 10 years: stories, bookmarks, audio books, useful thoughts, channels and people.

I got so much motivation from this anger, I want to express such a tough protest.
Up to the point where to buy 16-36TB hard drives to start with and create backup copies of channels and videos, accept requests from people to back up their channels, collaborate with programmers to make an android application to search for people and come up with new features. When I have backups of 1000 YouTube channels, I think it is useful, and there will be people who will share their free space on the hard drive. Here, the project will automatically be noticed and, thanks to this, gain popularity and weight, appear in the news, gain respect and have a good reputation.

Make a decentralized video hosting based on your project.
I want to maintain the Russian-language branch of your project, and I am ready to do everything that is needed for this.
And over time, and English. Learn the structure of the project or even programming. Prioritize class # 1. Because I like it and it’s a useful thing. Attract familiar translators. I see a lack of information in this direction. Namely: Tell people about the profitability of mining, about setting up, about how to implement your project, about various news, make translations of your conferences, etc. Blog create your own FileCoin, FileCoinRussian, etc.

Please ADVISE me how to start and what is needed for this! :slight_smile:
I tried to tell you briefly in order to save your time, if it makes sense, I can describe my other ideas, there are about 100 of them, and they have no analogues on the Internet.