Go-filecoin 0.3.2 released + a look ahead

We’re happy to announce go-filecoin 0.3.2. This release is a big step towards completing the filecoin storage protocol. It includes many changes to the miner actor builtin smart contract that will allow the network to securely account for verifiable storage power once fault handling is in place. Many less visible but high impact code and testing improvements ship with this release. 0.3.2 also includes a big UX improvement with the new and improved go-filecoin deals command for user friendly management of storage deals. Getting paid as a storage miner is now as simple as a single CLI call.

As a reminder, only the latest version of go-filecoin will connect to the user devnet until protocol upgrade work is complete. Users will need to upgrade to 0.3.2 to connect to the user devnet.

For more details, check out the changelog: https://github.com/filecoin-project/go-filecoin/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#go-filecoin-032

Here’s a preview of the next two releases.

Next up is release 0.4, targeting late August. The biggest thing we aim to land there is a significantly faster chain syncing experience, so that users can set up nodes more quickly. Close behind is network automation for automated validation of this and subsequent releases. We expect to also connect the dots on much of the outstanding storage protocol bits, including piece inclusion proofs, multiple sector sizes and penalties.

After that is release 0.5. Along with performant chain sync, the big deliverable here is a mechanism for protocol upgrades. This will allow us to decouple software releases from network resets, and launch a long-running, upgradeable network.

After this point, go-filecoin software releases will generally (though not always) upgrade the existing network rather than launch a new one. This will enable us to (1) ship code much more frequently without resetting the network each time, and (2) begin the tests, integrations, and scaling work leading up to a stable test network.

There will also be improvements to proofs and node implementations that significantly impact performance and hardware requirements. Therefore, we do not recommend or endorse buying hardware for Filecoin mining yet.

This is our plan, but as always subject to the unexpected: both lurking dragons and opportunities.


Will you release a new roadmap?

@felicity_9 The team is working on an updated roadmap, but it will take some time to reassess as we want to be thorough and confident. In the meantime, we hope these nearer-term previews are are helpful to anyone building on or simply following this implementation.

Will you give a definite time when will the new roadmap come out? Will you give a definite time in the new roadmap about the release of the public testnet and mainnet? Thanks.

We have many community activities in China. Welcome to join us:笑脸:

Any updates? Thanks.