Go-Filecoin Error on Initialization

Hi there, when first setting up the go-filecoin miner I get to the point where I enter the command:

go-filecoin init --genesisfile=https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXZQeezX1x8uRQX9EUaYxnyivUpTfJqQTvszk3c8SnFPN/testnet.car --network=testnet

It ends up running for a bit, and then gives the error:

Error: malformed stream: invalid appearance of string token; expected start of map

Something to note, my system was unable to find the command go-filecoin after following the installation and setup, but I was able to run the command by simply doing

./go-filecoin …

in the /go-filecoin/ directory. I’ve also posted this issue in the filecoin slack, so if I recieve an answer I will post it here.

*Note I have since added /path/to/filecoin-project/go-filecoin to my system PATH variable and get the same error.

*This issue has been resolved. I believe that I had mistyped the key in the URL which led to the error.