How can I start FilCoin Mining? How much should I pledge FilCoin, If I have 1Pib Storage for FilCoin

Hi Fil Communities,

Good day, I have few questions about Fil Coin mining and hope you guys can help:-

  1. How can I start FilCoin Mining?
  2. Understand miner require to pledge Filcoin when we do mining and what is the process & how much we need to pledge?

Hope to hear from FilComm…Thank you

Hi KittyFilMiner,

i would recommend to read the docs how to setup lotus and lotus-miner.
Right now you have to pledge 0,26 Filecoin / 32GB Block.

Additionally you have to pay Tx Fees. I would estimate, that you need round about 140FIl for 10TB. Therefore if you want to provide 1PiB you need at least 14000 FIL

Hi KittyFilMiner,

To kickstart Filecoin mining, the best way is to read the docs: Lotus Miner: sector pledging | Filecoin Docs and specs: where steps are being very precisely instructed.

Also, agree that the easiest way to check how much of your pledge collateral needs to be is to check the filfox browser; the process can be read from the docs in ‘sector pledging → pledging a sector’. Additionally, check Filecoin’s latest economy model will help you to understand the ‘why’ perspective. Hope it helps!

– Kimmy