How collateral can be payed by a miner who did not participate in the ICO?

I originally posted this on the Slack channel and was asked to replicate it here.

Does anybody know how collateral can be payed by a miner who did not participate in the ICO, once the mainnet is launched?

Here’s the conversation thus far:

pooja Hi danpen! We will have a way for miners to do this closer to mainnet launch. We are exploring a couple of different options at the moment. But it’s on our radar

pooja Can you please copy this question to Questions like this are great to put on the forum so they can be useful to others as well! Thanks

danpen Okay, will do when I get a chance. Thanks for the response

why we are working on a way of getting Filecoin to miners who will mine at network launch. Its a bit of a tricky chicken and the egg problem, but it will work :slightly_smiling_face:

Ben_Redcoast danpen I have the same question, I v asked in the mining call, but didnt receive answer. Currently I think the first round of collateral only can buy from who participate the ICO ( Genesis allocation), but the price likely really high~~~ worry about that. We are waiting for a better solution, Why, how about offer some Fil to first miner for the initial pledge, and those particular Fil only use for it, not really belongs to miner, which cant be take out even stop mining.

Why Yeah, that’s one idea were thinking about. The annoying part is that doing that requires adding special cases to the codebase.

Ben_Redcoast Why For those who participate ICO, is there any token release the first 6 months after mainnet launch?

Ben_Redcoast one more suggestion, at begining of mining, set certain amount of blocks no need collateral, is it possible?

Why Both are possible, and we might end up doing some combination of ideas. We are thinking though that participation in the testnet (not the current devnet) might be a good way to allocate some FIL for the initial collateral

neoge_ipfsmain Why Great idea to motivate miner to participate testnet. Join the testnet for initial collateral at mainnet launch, very nice!

neoge_ipfsmain Why Do you have any allocation plans in mind?

TaoshengShi Why Why not lockin a threshold of FIL as initial collateral for initial miner?

Why TaoshengShi i’m not sure what you mean, could you give an example?

TaoshengShi I mean the initial miner can NOT spend his first 100 FIL(threshold example) which get from the storage mining.

Why Ah yeah, basically say anyone can mine without paying collateral initially, but then any rewards they earn go to fill up their collateral

Why thats an idea thats been discussed too, especially as a way to address miners becoming undercollateralized from carious efvents

TaoshengShi yes,exactly.

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