How do I make my own testnet for my friends and I?

Basically, this is a stupid proof of concept, but I want to give everyone on the network a bunch of filecoins and then me and a few other friends have a couple of miners on the network.
I just want to do this to flex on people “yeah, my private storage system with my friends runs on blockchain”, and I don’t want to be on the mainnet or lotus testnet, I just want my own independent blockchain.

The local network guide for Lotus wasn’t clear on how to connect to other peers or how to properly configure genesis on anything, is there any other documentation regarding setting up your own testnet and connecting to other peers specifically?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @kyler,

Yeah those lotus Devnet instructions might be intended for running one just on your local machine.

Setting up a Devnet might be a little bit advanced right now because of genesis miner requirements. We are interested in making an easy-to-use multi-party Devnet script in the future but our infra team is very busy and current Devnets are targeting branches ready for wider testing.

For now I think the Devnet setup script is here: (or take a look at more recent branches)

JimPick had also been exploring using Testground for a Devnet. Testground is a libp2p-related tool to simulate networks at scale using k8s but that probably doesn’t suit your use case with friends.

We will update this section in the future: