How does the pricing of Filecoin work today?

How does the pricing of Filecoin work today?

There is presently (EOQ4’18) no market for FIL and no exchange integration so the price is undefined in that sense. If a value is required for modeling for example then using the last price of FIL at auction during the ICO is probably a decent stand-in for a market price. ~$5/FIL.

From the Spec:

“Storage is priced in terms of Filecoin per byte per block (note: we may change the units here)”.

Note that currently the go-filecoin storage client does not submit payments but this is an area of active work. Regardless of how the details of client pricing specification vary, filecoin clients will for sure place all funds necessary to cover the deal in a payment channel at the time the deal is started.

Is there going to be a public sale at all?