How does the storage space change

Create a miner that pledges 10 sectors (currently 256 MiB each) of storage and 100 FIL as collateral, with a message gas price of 0 FIL/unit and limit of 1000 gas units.
However, I found that the promised storage sector size can only be set once. According to the current test, even if the value is set to the size of 10 sectors, it can still store files larger than the sector size. So what is the point of a command to set the sector size? Will there be future improvements?For example, the number of sectors submitted can be modified, and the size of the data stored cannot exceed the total amount of committed space

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So what is the point of a command to set the sector size?

Sector size comes with tradeoffs relating to hardware and sending PoSts. The bigger your sector size, the more RAM you need to run a miner efficiently, and the smaller your sector size, the larger your Proof of Spacetime messages on chain will need to be and as a result, the more GAS you’ll need to submit them.

Ideally, your sector size should be very close to about half your available RAM.

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Hi @a8159236,

it can still store files larger than the sector size

A storage miner should reject a storage client’s proposed deal if the piece referenced in the deal is larger than the maximum amount of user bytes (before bit-padding has been added) that can fit into a newly-provisioned, yet-to-be-sealed sector. If the software does not do this today, then you have found a bug.

Will there be future improvements?

There will indeed be future improvements. You are correct when you state that when creating a miner, the mining rig operator must choose a sector size for that miner. The miner that has been created will always commit sectors of the chosen size. Once chosen, the sector size cannot be changed.

If a mining rig operator wishes to commit sectors of different sizes to the network, the mining rig operator will need to create multiple miners. The software doesn’t support this use case well at the moment (the operator would need to run one go-filecoin node per miner). We expect to evolve these tools and improve the user experience in the coming months.

Does that help? If you have further questions or desire clarification, please do ask.



@rosalinekarr sorry, what do you mean about sector size? is it 256M, or 256M * 10?

The sector size is 256MiB, when you create a miner with 10 sectors, it’s saying you will store at least 10 of those 256MiB sectors.

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