How long does lotus-miner init usually take?

Hey there,

I recently created a container on my virtualization instance to learn about filecoin and what it has to offer, so I decided to go ahead and start a miner.

My question in particular is, how long does it take to initialize? I’ve created an owner and worker address and provided it to the CLI in what I believe is the right order, and I made sure that my owner account has a positive balance. Is there anything I am missing? Is this generally a lengthy process despite most transactions being confirmed in ~10 minutes?

Here is what’s left of my console output:

2021-01-17T02:13:21.780Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:166 Checking if repo exists
2021-01-17T02:13:21.780Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:182 Checking full node version
2021-01-17T02:13:21.780Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:193 Initializing repo
2021-01-17T02:13:21.780Z        INFO    repo    repo/fsrepo.go:121      Initializing repo at '/root/.lotusminer'
2021-01-17T02:13:21.782Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:407 Initializing libp2p identity
2021-01-17T02:13:21.791Z        INFO    badger  v2@v2.2007.2/levels.go:183      All 0 tables opened in 0s

2021-01-17T02:13:21.806Z        INFO    badger  v2@v2.2007.2/levels.go:183      All 0 tables opened in 0s

2021-01-17T02:13:48.291Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:641 Initializing worker account f3ucot42uwegeasyjhewxn5xoz66d5swsincd5d5glupfzxqg6lkhbk4mj4pw255x6cpgs42exzx5nhwcm5rha, message: bafy2bzaceba4ofmudywas7vqfeoillb2xy6o2ujmat4bva5ladgnthwnfdm2o
2021-01-17T02:13:48.291Z        INFO    main    lotus-storage-miner/init.go:642 Waiting for confirmation

Thanks in advance.

Can take more than a day. So don’t despair!

Hi there,
I have a same problem. do you have a solution ?