How to create a new repository in filecoin-project?

Well, I found there is an an API client for Filecoin implemented in javascript.

Do you have plans to develop a filecoin api client for java implementation and PHP implementation?

I launched a project, an API client for Filecoin implemented in Java,(The project has just started, there are not many functions, but I intend to constantly improve it.)

I had a plan to develop a version implemented In PHP if you needed.

I want to add my project to filecoin-project, so that more people can use and participate in the contribution.
What can I do to achieve this?



Hi @Rock_Yang! Thanks for starting that library. We don’t currently have plans to develop a Filecoin API client in Java or in PHP, so this is very useful!

While we don’t have a way for community members to start repos in the filecoin-project organization, we’d love to help promote the project on this forum! We just started a thread to highlight community projects. Want to post a short blurb about your project and how others can help here: Highlighting community projects?


@pooja Thanks very much, i’m going to accomplish the development documentation and the ways for contribution.

Maybe you can start the project with your members, then I can contribute as a project member.

I don’t need to be a member of filecoin-project organization.

Well, i will also highlight it at Highlighting community projects.

@Rock_Yang Okay, I have some good news! We just created a new GitHub organization called filecoin-shipyard, where you can add your project! If you would like, I can add you as a member to that organization, and you can transfer ownership of the Java API library to that organization. Let me know what you think!

@pooja OK, That’s a good idea, i knew the organization, i found js-filecoin-api-client had transfered into it.

So, just add me as a member, and i will transfer my project.


Great, thanks! What’s your GitHub username?

My username is yangjian102621.

Here is my profile url in github:


Hi @Rock_Yang! Just added you to the Filecoin Shipyard organization. Feel free to move over the API client whenever!

Thanks, i had move the repository to filecoin-shipyard.

Way cool @Rock_Yang.