How to get Message ID from mpoolPushMessage RPC?

I make a message and call lotus mpoolpushMessage to send filecoin using JavaScript.
Through fmt.Println(sm.Cid()), it is sprayed on the screen In lotus.
However, rpc call return in javascript cannot receive Cid() value.

                "Message": {
                    "Version": 0,
                    "To": "t1opn5yzq2ux4iddvotshujotgtkmrtv6ukc74lcy",
                    "From": "t1ud74ppdgbjxan3wd3vghjycvwjrb5qfsuq6td2a",
                    "Nonce": 17,
                    "Value": "1000000000000000000",
                    "GasLimit": 542835,
                    "GasFeeCap": "246629",
                    "GasPremium": "1",
                    "Method": 0,
                    "Params": null
                "Signature": {
                    "Type": 1,
                    "Data": "pqCP+C0B37X3DmJ9XGsKKxG/w2Foy1VoVRpo6w/LK2lwhwJwZwGTcLFqFRj7RBeywCgaPSZTsiHiLfTpgWWVOwA="

As shown above, I only get the Message and Signature returned.
I guess to calculate the messageID through the Signature. This is just my guess…

Does anyone know how to get messageID through mpoolPushMessage rpc call?
Any reply would be appreciated.