How to safely move a proved sector to another storage/partition?


Is there a way to safely move a proven sector to another disk storage location/partition?

Hi @Mstry. I have successfully managed to do this. Here’s the procedure I followed:

  1. Tell lotus about a new storage using lotus-miner storage attach and verify with lotus-miner storage list.

In my case, my original storage was in /home/ubuntu/.lotusminer and my new one was in /var/tmp/long-term-sector-storage. (Those paths are on different physical disks.)

  1. Shut down lotus-miner

  2. Move the sector manually with the normal unix mv command. Example:

mv ~/.lotusminer/sealed/s-t123456-1 /var/tmp/long-term-sector-storage/sealed/s-t123456-1
  1. Start lotus-miner again.

The moved sector will be correctly recognized in lotus-miner sectors and lotus-miner storage commands as being on the new storage.

P.S. You can also move the corresponding unsealed/s-t123456-1 file. However, it is not required that both be on the same disk.

Thank you for the information!

I wish there were a way to move sectors live, without having to shutdown the miner process…