How to slove this problem about lotus-storage-miner

the error msg as below:

2020-06-23T22:01:43.288+0800 WARN dht/RtRefreshManager rtrefresh/rt_refresh_manager.go:191 failed when refreshing routing table {“error”: "2 errors occurred:\n\t* failed to query for self, err=failed to run refresh DHT query for key=\u0000$\u0008\u0001\u0012 "\ufffdÊ‚M\u0007\u000b\ufffddS\u001br\ufffdt\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffdD\ufffd\ufffdP \u001a€\ufffdI\t\r, err=failed to find any peer in table\n\t* failed to refresh cpl=0, err=failed to run refresh