Improviing lotus miner connectivity questions


Can you someone clarify some of the points in this document?

  • What is the reference for the term “miner”? Is it specifically referring to “lotus-miner” or “lotus daemon”?

  • If the document is meant for lotus-miner only, do I need to worry about setting up port forwarding and multiaddress for “lotus daemon”?

  • Do I need to set the multiaddress using the command line below (as shown in the doc) for lotus-miner even after I set the parameters in ~/.lotusminer/config.toml?

lotus-miner actor set-addrs /ip4/ /ip4/
  • What is the use or purpose or usage scenario in setting the the multiaddress (above e.g.) to difference public IPs and ports?

  • How do I see the advertised multiaddress of my miner? i.e. The address(es) and port(s) of for my miner as seen on the Filecoin network by others?

  • What are the parameters I need to set in ~/.lotusminer/config.toml to ensure communications for accepting storage deals? Both the [API] and [Libp2p] sections?

  • Do I really need to open port-forwarding on my firewall/router to forward the API port because the API port is not only for internal daemon/miner/sealer communications?

  • When a storage or retrieval deal/request is being requested, does the remote client talk to the lotus-daemon API port or lotus-miner’s API (or Libp2p) port? Or both, at difference stages?

  • Are the following two commands the only ones needed to find out which ports need to be forwarded at the router?

    lotus net listen
    lotus-miner net listen

Hi @Mstry,

Generally those docs are to help miners make themselves publicly dialable to storage clients for storage deals, you don’t need to worry if you’re only running a daemon.

I am running both the daemon and the lotus-miner. I am wanting to make sure both are reachable by other clients on the Filecoin network for whatever services that may be needed.

You need to configure (and check) miner connectivity if you want your miner to be dialable by the bot (during the space race) to recieve storage and retrieval deals. Also other users should have an ability to communicate with your lotus-miner to make a deals with you. But this is more relevant for the main network.