Installation trouble

Trying to get the first server up and running… Being an novice at linux, any help must be not implied - thanks.

Running on linux - Bunsen
I am following the guide: Lotus: install and setup | Filecoin Docs
I managed to get to step 5 - but the errors occur

i did:

sudo -s
Make clean

and got warned:

Caution: you have an existing lotus binary in your PATH. This may cause problems if you don’t run ‘sudo make install’

then - still as root.

bash: go: command not found
expr: syntax error: unexpected argument ‘1015005’
install -C ./lotus /usr/local/bin/lotus
install -C ./lotus-miner /usr/local/bin/lotus-miner
install -C ./lotus-worker /usr/local/bin/lotus-worker

Go is in path - but it is installed in my users folder: /bin:/usr/local/go/bin

my PATH looks like this:

echo $PATH

Inputs are welcome…