Integration with Substrate

Hello, I’ve just come through ipfs/devgrants and got a recommendation from riot to write here.

I’m part of the team behind vue-polkadot, and we are bootstrapping para chain focused on Earth Observation industry - any geo-nerd is welcome here!

We are interested in building lightweight integration between Filecoin and Substrate.

I would like to chat more with the technical person around this to help us guide through what we should not miss on the route of building this.
I’m available to chat also you can reach me at telegram @yangwao

Point of integration would be to trade essential storage deal for the particular asset through the smart contract.

I would like to learn more about the various constants involved and best technical papers to read before we can start.

All the best,

Hi @yangwao,

We are looking into cross-chain integrations but it requires some protocol-level knowledge of each chain to implement. It might be best to wait for some solutions to be available in the near future.

Wave 3 of Filecoin dev grants will be closing March 31st so you are welcome to apply with your project idea and by then we should have a better idea of what cross-chain options there could be.

Visit for how to apply.

Hi @eshon,

Sure, we’ve got in the team who are protocol experts on Substrate and strong Rust developer experience.
I think it’s unrealistic to find someone who got protocol-level knowledge on both sides and it’s should be teamwork.

As Filecoin is pretty new here, we’re able to run it’s testnet in December 2019. Tooling was well cooked.
We’ve already had a talk with Textile team about this.

So far we just not sure how to implement of “impossibility of fair exchange” into the protocol, but that’s part of our further research. I know Filecoin will have VDF which will help us a lot.

Also, we are aware that Filecoin is missing Proof-of-Deliverability, will be there anything similar?

We are attending Zero Knowledge Summit 5 so I believe we will be much wiser afterwards, what we are looking for, we are not cryptographical experts. Please recommend us someone who could be interested in integration or project.

Sure, we will formulate and apply as soon we will have a closer vision.
We would like to build something like Substrate Pallet, so any other Parachain could bridge to Filecoin, not just us.

Our main case is to store various Earth Observation assets on Filecoin with value-added feeds, which are quite big, talk something between 1-3GB.

@yangwao - generally cross chain tools are an interesting topic, so anyone is welcome to apply for an Open Dev Grant for wave 3 ending March 31st (Pacific time at midnight).

DevGrants Wave 2 Q&A are some additional grant ideas

Filecoin will not have VDFs at launch, it’s a currently research area.

@eshon After huge research, we just applied for lightweight integration.

Here is application

Let’s continue the discussion there.

We’ve reviewed suggestions for open RFP as well.