Internet connection speed

please, how much spped of Internet connection is needed for Filecoin mining? There is discussing how powerful has to be the computer, but what about connection speed? This has to be limiting as well, isn’t it?

more faster internet speed you have more faster files download and unpload crom one location to second . im use 2x lines of internet both are gigabit as im use other crypto to mining and staking not need so fast internet as not using more dean 20mbs for files second line use for data storage gigabit internet download and unpload 2gb file in 1min. so if some one loading in your storage let say 200gb of files it will take around 1h depend of location and ping lower internet speed longer time to download and unploa files. fast internet faster you get files faster you get pay

Not exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try with at least 200 Mbps. They say this should be enough. But you must understand - the faster the better.