Is filecoin fully decentralized?

Is there a way to store data in a fully decentralized manner? It seems that every tutorial connects to either a remote or a local Lotus node, but this would mean that filecoin is not fully decentralized. Also, where is a good place to go to get more information on how to build a webapp or dapp using filecoin? Thanks!

No, filecoin is not a network for decentralized storage, it is a decentralized network for single node storage


To continue this discussion: I am trying to understand how the file storage works and what are the storage guarantees. I make a deal with a miner for some space. Then I use this space to store some files.

What happens if a specific miner goes out of a business?

  • Do I need to make a new deal to store more files?

  • Are my old files lost?

Could you explain the difference?

Filecoin is only a storage trading market, itself doesn’t include the storage feature. This is something like Amazone provides Christmas gift trading function, but Amazon itself doesn’t produce Christmas gift. If you want to get decentralized storage service from Filecoin, you will be dispointed.