Is Filecoin the only incentive for IPFS?

Recently, OKEX, a digital currency exchange published an article in Weibo, which pointed out that IPFS as an open system, anyone can develop based on IPFS, Filecoin is not the only incentive scheme for IPFS.
My question is, based on the open source code, how can Filecoin be irreplaceable in the future? We all hate plagiarism.

That’s correct that IPFS is an open system and anyone could develop alternative networks on top of it. Filecoin, too, is open of course.

Filecoin will become successful, and difficult to substitute, if we build a strong network secured by a large amount of storage, a large marketplace of clients and providers, and a strong community of developers. The technology can by copied, but the storage-based security and network effects of a strong market and development community are much more difficult to clone.

Fully agree! IPFS is the pioneer of decentralized storage network, Filecoin issued by protocol labs, which has global consensus already, then Filecoin bound to become the only hard currency of IPFS network. no matter how many incentive schemes generated base on IPFS, we firmly believe IPFS & Filecoin = Big Boss, at least I do.

Fully agree.

Stick on Filecoin, help build up and contribute to the ecosystem, one will get reward definitely.

Is there an easy way for people to start making their storage available? Since storage will be crucial to IPFS success, it would make sense to start with the low hanging fruit and show people how easy it is to (even profitably) make some of their spare capacity available.

Filecoin is still in development and not yet ready for consumer adoption.

IPFS is absolutely ready though: I suggest asking in