Is it possible to have pool mining for Filecoin?

TL;DR: According to the current implementation of filecoin mining actors, is it possible to have pool mining?

In my understanding, the block reward will be assigned to the miners who first finished zk-snark which also complies with the consensus. The zk-snark is computationally heavy(AES-256)and heavily relies on the GPU mining power. In that sense, the block reward mechanism from filecoin network is very similar to the traditional PoW.

As the size of the filecoin network increases, if we don’t have pool mining which gathers all the computation power within a cluster, it is very unlikely for a single filecoin miner to have substantial positive expected gains from the block reward. But according to the current implementation of filecoin miner, one actor can only have one single miner, the computation power for a single actor will be very restricted. Will these cause a problem as the size of the network increases? Since no one will have a tractable profit calculation and thus will not invest in the mining process.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hi @Simo,

It is conceivable that GPU computation for SNARKs could be outsourced to a 3rd party service if someone builds that. Within the Filecoin network there may also be miners with spare GPU at certain times. There could be a market for GPU resources.

Thanks @eshon! You have a point, and I think this will also be a huge market. To think about how to do pool mining for Filecoin.