Is there an client API library for go-filecoin?

Is there an API library for go-filecoin similar to js-ipfs-http-client for IPFS? Or is there a preferred way to simulate commands for go-filecoin on other applications? (Example: interacting with go-filecoin on a local web app though HTTP)
Any though is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

No there is currently no client library for operating a go-filecoin node. A client API is planned, though (watch this space). See also for information about the JSON/HTTP RPC interface.

For tracking the state of the Filecoin network, check out how the stats app works here.

@Edwin Funny timing. Earlier today @alanshaw made an experimental API client available at (or on npm).

Give it a whirl and please let us know if you have any questions, first impressions, or suggestions.

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