Issues at make install step


I keep running into issues at the make install step of getting started with lotus. Everything seems to work OK up until I try to run “sudo make install” and I get the following:
bash: go: command not found
expr: syntax error: unexpected argument ‘14’
install -C ./lotus /usr/local/bin/lotus
install -C ./lotus-miner /usr/local/bin/lotus-miner
install -C ./lotus-worker /usr/local/bin/lotus-worker

When I check, I have go installed to /usr/local/go/bin and my PATH variable includes that location as well. From the same terminal I’m able to successfully run “go version” with output go version go1.15.3 linux/amd64.

I’ve also tried the troubleshooting step to clean the make and that also doesn’t seem to change anything. Any hints?

Just realized there’s already a troubleshooting note about this, feel free to delete this thread admins.

whow did you solve it? I think im in same situation.