Lotus chain sync and miner initialization are not finished,always sync

Any reply will be appreciated.
os:centos 7.5,gcc 9.2.
I complie lotus from source code,and run command lotus daemon to synchronize blockchain.
i can see the block height from 86256 to 0 but then increase from 0 to higher,and not show finished message.
when i init miner,execute “lotus-storage-miner init --actor=t021364 --owner=t3qbnq***”,it also show state of sync,never finished.
i don’t known how to solve that.

lotus sync status

what is the result?

Thanks for your advice! It helps a lot.
It seems that there are 3 workers in the chain sync. Can they work together to make the progress faster?

My Lotus Chain Sync also never ending. Have you fix your issue?

When i doing my Miner initalization never finish and have error message.
Any one knows, what’s the issue here. Thanks

I am having similar syncing issues. Initiated sync ~72hours ago and it seems that the height dropped from ~60000 back to around ~25000. My average peers are ~30.

Can anyone explain why there are 3 workers shown when the lotus sync status command is run? Also why are they sometimes at different heights?