Lotus miner init, faucet, keys, and github re-use clarification

Following, https://docs.filecoin.io/mine/lotus/miner-setup/#adding-the-necessary-swap, I tried creating a miner days ago, used the devnet faucet once, and then lost my OS, losing my keys in the process. So now I’m trying to re-initialize a new miner on the new OS with new keys, but I cannot put in any new bls address into the faucet because my github account has already been used. I understand now that our github account has to be over a year old and have never used the faucet before for it to work.

Does this mean I have to create another account and cannot mine filecoin on devnet for another year?

Or, is there perhaps another way to initialize the miner using a bls address without going through the step of entering it into the faucet at https://spacerace.faucet.glif.io/ first? I don’t need the test FIL. I just want to avoid getting the “actor not found” error when I try to run ‘lotus miner init’ so I can continue to set up and fully understand the miner.

This is what I’m getting and my assumption/understanding is that it’s because I haven’t first entered the bls addr into the faucet, and that’s a necessary step.

2020-09-21T11:24:43.352-0400 INFO main lotus-storage-miner/init.go:602 Creating StorageMarket.CreateStorageMiner message
2020-09-21T11:24:43.358-0400 ERROR main lotus-storage-miner/init.go:247 Failed to initialize lotus-miner: creating miner failed:

  • GasEstimateMessageGas error: estimating gas used: CallWithGas failed: call raw get actor: resolution lookup failed (t3saco5ykp5segtuw2rbkskkjgbcmspfrmtkvfewwthxca2kp2qlsbbfwstlepggdfzvzrkyrvngx3flgefrza): resolve address t3saco5ykp5segtuw2rbkskkjgbcmspfrmtkvfewwthxca2kp2qlsbbfwstlepggdfzvzrkyrvngx3flgefrza: actor not found
    2020-09-21T11:24:43.358-0400 INFO main lotus-storage-miner/init.go:252 Cleaning up /pool/lotus/.lotusminer after attempt…
    ERROR: Storage-miner init failed

I’m having the same issue, does anyone know the solution for this issue?

It means that you should always care about backups. Especially in case of any financial stuff.
To backup wallet:
Compile lotus-shed: make lotus-shed
Export wallet: lotus wallet export <addr> > /somewhere/safe/wallet.keyinfo
Verify exported wallet: ./lotus-shed keyinfo info /somewhere/safe/wallet.keyinfo

Thus, you will be able to recover your wallet with lotus wallet import --as-default /home/rabinovitch/lotus-files-backup/wallet.keyinfo
lotus wallet set-default t3................

Also, you can’t init miner without test FILs. After you will get some, use lotus-miner init --owner=t3address... --sector-size=32GiB command to init.

Join Slack to get some test FILs: filecoinproject.slack.com