Lotus only on Linux and Mac? It may not be a coherence way to realize "Decentralization"

First of all, I fully understand that it IS reasonable to implement Filecoin Lotus ONLY on Unix-based machines at the beginning of devnet and testnet stages. Even though, limitless bugs and features are to be killed and developed. I respect you developers and your hard work without any doubt.

Yet, I still highly recommend Filecoin Community could release the Windows version of Lotus and mining guides when the mainnet is on. Or, at least a schedule for the Windows version of Lotus implementation of Filecoin. Why?

Because the timeline we are living in has the majority of Windows system users among all the PC users. Linux + Mac + Virtual_Machine users are much much less than Windows users, even if it’s a stupid, easy to crash, hard to maintain, low efficiency…damn centralized company product-- oops, so why Mac? The fact is: we will almost impossible to realize the IPFS whitepaper goal if we neglect the Windows existence, no matter how annoying it bothers the developers.

In the final season of the HBO series Silicon_Valley, Piedpiper’s network is somehow similar to the IPFS’s dream, which brings the world a brand new internet with no more centralized spy, no more 404 pages, no more server-client hierachy…etc. The difference is that the editors speed up the reality and implement it directly on the mobile network. Yes, smart phones are the better network to realize the “Decentralization” dream than that old, “dying” PC network. But IPFS has to face the Impossibilty Triangle of the Encryption Economy. So that’s why the current Lotus has the mini-file-servers level hardware requirement, which I can fully understand and accept.

In one word, Lotus has chosen HEDT level computers as its nodes to ensure the IPFS network’s performance, please don’t ignore Windows machines to further narrow down itself to a fake “Decentralized” Internet. God bless us!

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I thought decentralization just meant no one actually owns it and/or it’s open source So anyone can build on it as well as the profit is shared in different ways. Not that it was meantt for all computers. Or someone down the line can adapt it to windows or any other computer platform. I would like to see it on playstation myself. But, banger job on the rant kiddo.

First, your playstation reverse example can’t prove me wrong due to your essential pointless.
Second, IPFS’ goal is to replace the current centralized, low-efficient internet-- but how will it work by a more centralized network-- your so called ‘up the line’ computers are far far away less than the current file servers of the internet.
Last, check your own brain before calling others kiddo. That will help you see the world clearer.