Miner setup questions & issues


I am trying to setup my first Filecoin miner and already went through a bunch of tutorials and documentations. At the moment I am following this guide and trying to initialize my miner.

Lotus Miner: setup a high performance miner.

My attempt to initialize miner fails with the following error message:

... resolution lookup failed (....): resolve address ...: actor not found ...

Some research indicates that it could be related to the fact that I have zero FIL on my balance. My goal was to try the entire setup and see the performance before I buy any FIL.

So, my questions are:

  • Is it possible to complete miner & wallet setup without purchasing any FIL?
  • What is the recommended FIL amount to start mining?
  • There was faucet for the Test Net, but it’s no longer online. Does it mean that there is no such thing for the Main Net?
  • How do I obtain my FIL? Just lotus wallet new bls and then send some FIL to the provided address using something like coinlist.co?

My hardware specs, if that’s anyhow related:

  • CPU: 2 x Xeon E5-2680 V3.
  • RAM: 256 GB DDR4-2133.
  • System drive: Samsung Evo 860 512 GB.
  • Swap drive: Crucial P1 1 TB.
  • Storage drive: Seagate Enterprise 2 TB.

@Rabinovitch you have answered a bunch of newbie questions on the forum, thus I have a hope that you could help me as well. :slight_smile:

Hi! You definitely need some FIL for init the miner and sealing your first sectors. 2-3 FIL should be enough for the first time and 10-15 sectors.
There is no faucet, right, and you already know how to obtain some FILs. )
Note that with Intel CPUs your PC1 phase will take more than 20 hrs, probably even 25.
Take care of your lotus-miner to use Crucial P1 drive, it will be able to seal 1 sector in parallel. I’d advice to make swap not bigger than 160-180 GB, because each sector needs 570-600 GB of fast space. But keep in mind that Crucial P1 1 TB has extremely low TBW value (200TB). It is better that this indicator is measured in thousands.
And finally - where is the GPU in your list of parts?

@Rabinovitch thank you very much for the answer!

I do know that Crucial P1 is not the best suited SSD for this task, but that’s what I had on my hands to try mining out. My swap is currently set to 250 GB as per the tutorial’s recommendation.

My current GPU is a GTX 760, but I plan to swap it with a GTX 1080 or similar if I see that setup is working and my internet connection can handle it.

2-3 FIL should be enough for the first time and 10-15 sectors.

Does it mean that I might need to buy more to continue mining or the future mining will cover the need for sector sealing?

With just 2 GB VRAM you will not be able to use it in Filecoin mining. Check this list. Also remember that you can enable some custom GPU that is not in “supported” list, but not with 2 GB VRAM, for sure.

Yes. There will no be income before you reach 10 TiB of sealed sectors. The income from storage deals is not so big as for now.